So, "What isLIFEPACKR?"


We travel year round, or spend the time when we're not traveling, saving money to travel again.

We live a 21st century mobile lifestyle. We're not limited by borders or 20th century concepts.

We use technology to make our lives easier and more flexible. We work together and support one another

with a loose network of "Digital Nomads," "Couchsurfers," or as we call ourselves, LIFEPACKRs.


We're working together to build a community that promotes lifestyle-design to cultivate lives that matter.

Each of us in here already live awesome lives, meeting people from all over the world.

Let's make that network strong, with the idea of sharing it with the world.

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LIFE·PACK·R noun \ˈ līf-ˌpa-kər \ :
a community that promotes lifestyle design
for the mobile global 21st century

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